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As per statistics, about 700 people are killed by fire in the United Kingdom per year claiming an approximate insurance worth 1,500 million pounds. There are whole lot of other people who succumb to serious injuries due to a fire at workplace. Moreover, the financial losses out of a fire breakdown at workplaces can be even worse. This is why it is important that all employees have a general awareness of what to do in case a fire breaks down at the workplace to prevent the threat posed by fire to people as well as property.

The Aim of Fire Safety Training

Fire safety awareness is extremely crucial to identify and curb the risk of a fire breakdown at workplace. It is here that online Fire safety training can help you identify the general factors pertaining to fire awareness in case of a fire breakdown. It will help you prepare how to prevent a fire situation as well introduce you to the protocol of extinguishing fire. Fire safety training integrates theoretical as well as practical skills to make sure that you are able to deal with a fire situation with confidence. Others factors that you will come across in the fire safety training include:

  • Causes of fire
  • Fire control methods
  • Identifying potential fire hazards
  • Learn how to react instantly in case of a fire

Prepare to be a Fire Marshal & Staff of Nursing

All workplaces have a legal obligation to have a fixed number of fire marshals to come forward and help in case of any fire emergency. This is what makes fire safety training really crucial. Another factor that makes fire safety training quite relevant is that it also helps to prepare the staff of nursing to deal with onsite fire situations.

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